What Is A PCC?

Postal Customer Councils help companies get the most power out of the mail.  Businesses that want to increase sales, expand their customer base, and improve mail service have a powerful resource ready to help - the Postal Customer Council (PCC).

PCC's are community groups made up of businesses and Postal Service leaders who work together to improve mail service, identify and correct problems, collaborate together and exchange ideas to help member companies be more successful and maximize their potential. Through regular meetings, educational programs, mailer clinics and seminars, PCC members learn about the latest postal products and services and work closely with local offices to make the mail more efficient and effective. The result is improved processes and delivery, enhanced service, elevated customer satisfaction, and improved business results.


The Sioux Falls Area Postal Customer Council

The Sioux Falls Area Postal Customer Council (SFAPCC) is comprised of representatives of the United States Postal Service (USPS) and local mailing professionals (Industry) whose sole mission is to provide a professional resource for mailers in the Sioux Falls, SD area for solutions and information regarding mailing rules and regulations.

The SFAPCC has helped mailers both large and small, from non-profits to large corporations. As a collective group of mailing professionals, we fully understand the needs of mailers who are looking to make their operation more efficient and profitable.

The Sioux Falls Area PCC was formed in 1989 when Carol Hottman was the USPS Manager of Customer Service. Carol contacted area business mailers to extend them an invitation to serve on a PCC Executive Board. Her efforts were well rewarded, as twenty-three area vendors, mailers and USPS representatives agreed to join the Board.

At the first official PCC board meeting, Officers were elected, and Jeff Hayzlett became the first Sioux Falls Area PCC Industry Co-Chair. The board followed the National PCC Guidelines to form the Sioux Falls Area PCC by-laws. As a "business arm" of the Postal Service, the main objective of the Executive Board is to plan, organize, and execute meetings, events, and educational sessions; and foster a professional & beneficial working relationship between area mailers and the Postal Service.

For more than 30 years, the Sioux Falls Area PCC has been an effective advocate for the US Postal Service, offering a wide variety of training seminars, bi-annual Expo's; and even an annual golf event; all geared towards educating and networking with area mailers.

The Executive Board meetings are held at the USPS District Office, on the first Thursday of each month. Since COVID-19 began, monthly meetings have been held over virtual meetings for safety reasons.